Premium Rank

Purchases help support our server and the infrastructure that goes into it.

  • Pink Username - Look stylish with your unique pink username.
  • Queue priority - Move faster amongst everyone with a special queue.
  • Select a Nation Color - As the leader of your nation, you can select a color and stand out on the map!
  • Discord Perks - Get access to the Premium Channels section and rock your pink discord rank
  • McMMO Parties - Create a McMMO Party to share XP and chat privately amongst your friends.
  • Additional Commands/Perks
    • /nick - Set your own nickname in game.
    • /seen - Check the last time someone was last online or how long they've been online.
    • /hat - Look like a fool with a block on your head.
    • /ec - Access your Enderchest anywhere inside yours or your allies claims.
    • /workbench - Access a Workbench anywhere inside yours or your allies claims.
    • /tpahere - Request your nation members and allies to teleport anywhere in your claims.